Hey, here we are.

Some improv featuring the KP3 and Perform VE.  Also it's my birthday, don't tell anybody.

Some really random piano and synth bits. 

It's a welcome rainy day in Chicago.  The heat is down, the basement is cool, let's do some music.

Audio from a Black Lives Matter march in Jefferson Park, Latin percussion vinyl, and some improv.

For today's live recording, Artemis the Kitty decided to join me for a bit, and only knocked over one thing in the process.

That's right, I didn't record the live Episode 093 last week.  It's a LOST EPISODE.  This one was recorded live to IGTV, and has a bunch of stuff in i...View Details

Trying something different this week, hopefully more experimentation in the future as well.  This is a lightly edited version of a live Instagram broa...View Details

Episode 91: In The Mire

Some quick piano improvisation for you.  Hope you're doing well!

Recorded with the Roland Boutique JO-06A while listening to an Instagram Live show.  A quick repetition study where the notes don't change, but other ...View Details

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