Audio from a Black Lives Matter march in Jefferson Park, Latin percussion vinyl, and some improv.

For today's live recording, Artemis the Kitty decided to join me for a bit, and only knocked over one thing in the process.

That's right, I didn't record the live Episode 093 last week.  It's a LOST EPISODE.  This one was recorded live to IGTV, and has a bunch of stuff in i...View Details

Trying something different this week, hopefully more experimentation in the future as well.  This is a lightly edited version of a live Instagram broa...View Details

Episode 91: In The Mire

Some quick piano improvisation for you.  Hope you're doing well!

Recorded with the Roland Boutique JO-06A while listening to an Instagram Live show.  A quick repetition study where the notes don't change, but other ...View Details

I hope everyone is feeling calm and healthy, but I know there are a lot of people with anxiety out there right now due to COVID-19 and the situations ...View Details

Another episode is here.  More music than last time.  It's very likely you've never heard it before. Join the Facebook Group at Details

We're back for the new year with a new format and... old music.  It's new to you though.  Let's find out where things take us.

Episode 86: Live Me

It takes time, sometimes.  Goals can be obscured, directions subverted. To be calm, to regain focus, to brush aside distraction can be challenging.

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