Episode 79: Rave Dove

It's slower without feeling slow. Breathe in. Breathe out. There is a mourning dove near my house that I call the Rave Dove, because instead of a slow...View Details

Mid week break! We discuss what's happening for Current Moods through the rest of the summer, and what we've done so far.

Episode 77: Colada

You may have noticed a bit of splicing and sampling on yesterday's episode - well there's more today! This week is all about the quick samples... impr...View Details

Summer is here in full! It's hot, it's humid, and it's hard to stay active and motivated in oppressive temps! We're pushing through this week, wrappin...View Details

We've made it through another week, we're at the spiny, shiny end. Today's episode is an improvised recording using only the Yamaha Reface CP.    Take...View Details

Episode 74: You’re Here

Glad you could make it! Be present, and let amazing things present themselves to you.

Midweek Break! I'm headed off to other parts of the Midwest for family visits and Sweetwater Gearfest. But don't worry, I've pre-recorded the rest of ...View Details

Episode 72: Out of Reach

Sometimes the things you want feel like they're out of reach. Just keep reaching, though... you'll get there eventually!

Episode 71: Chomp

Take a bite out of a new week! I'll be traveling for part of this one, so we're keeping it fast and easy on the Current Moods front.  Accomplishing go...View Details

Sometimes we all want to be in another place, but no matter where you are, remember that you're here. Have a happy and healthy weekend.

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