I hope everyone is feeling calm and healthy, but I know there are a lot of people with anxiety out there right now due to COVID-19 and the situations ...View Details

Another episode is here.  More music than last time.  It's very likely you've never heard it before. Join the Facebook Group at facebook.com/currentmo...View Details

We're back for the new year with a new format and... old music.  It's new to you though.  Let's find out where things take us.

Episode 86: Live Me

It takes time, sometimes.  Goals can be obscured, directions subverted. To be calm, to regain focus, to brush aside distraction can be challenging.

Choose your own path!

Episode 84: Triple Onions

Layers upon layers upon layers. Some more delineated than others. Necessary depth or needless distraction?

Episode 83: Temper Ice

Get ready to chill out for the weekend. Sure, yesterday was scorching hot here, but the forecast says we'll be back down into cooler temps by the end ...View Details

A stroll through lush green paths. Sunlight breaks through the trees and spills ontopeaceful lagoons. Things feel silent and still, but in the stillne...View Details

Episode 81: Big Gun

We're back with Season Two of Current Moods! The format is changing slightly, but otherwise we've got the same brand of newly composed music for medit...View Details

Season Two Prologue

We're back... next week. In the meantime, here's what we're thinking. We are tweaking a few elements of the podcast for the new season, now that full-...View Details

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